Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bags Packed, Almost

My annual quilt shop trip begins today! I look forward to this all year, even though I think of myself as a knitter now rather than a quilter. I look forward to the time away with girlfriends, the 3-night slumber party, the good food. And of course hours of knitting in the car while someone else drives! We have gone every year since it started, so this is our ninth year :)

I've packed clothes, camera, ipod, and tons of yarn. Seriously - enough for two sweaters, and then some. I am taking yarn to finish the Sailor Collar Cardi (I'm down to just the edging now), yarn to finish the second sock of another pair of Dancing socks, all the yarn for the Wrap Cardigan from the Holiday 2006 Vogue Knitting (all the yarn because it's knit on size 10 and 11 needles, and I'm sure I'll finish it before the trip is over). And finally, all the yarn for Juliet, because what if the Wrap Cardigan doesn't work out? It won't take long to knit the edging, or finish the sock, and I can't be without a project in the car!!! So I'm sure I'll catch some flak for packing 34+ skeins of yarn (seriously, that does sound ridiculous), but I don't care. I'll hide some in my duffel bag, and they'll never see all of it together ;)

One slight hitch in the plans, I've totally misplaced my size 10 KnitPicks Options needles! I swatched with it for the Wrap Cardi a week ago, and now they are nowhere to be found! I've decided to stop by Hobby Lobby on my way to meet everyone and pick up some Balene circulars. If that doesn't make the others turn up, I'll order replacements from KnitPicks. That will make them show up for sure!


tj said...

Wishing you a fab time!

Kat said...

Oh my goodness, how FUN!! Don't forget to come back to Tulsa, all right? LOL!

You could've borrowed my size 10 Options, you know.

Hope to see you at knitting guild on Monday!

Ilix said...

Have a great time and show us wht you encountered!

Ilix said...

Sooooo, what happened! ;)
Dish those details, and add photos too if you can!