Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stash Enhancement

I figured out a long time ago that I was a stress shopper, and for the most part, I keep it under control. However, I've made three purchases in just over a week. Up first, shopping at The Loopy Ewe (no, I missed out on the Wollmeise - however, I still have a skein in my stash from my SP11, Purple Jen - Hi Jen!!!). I ended up with a skein of sock yarn from Perchance to Knit in the November colorway. See those tiny little beads? Every skein of sock yarn from XXX comes with a matching beaded stitch marker. I also ordered a small red tote bag, just the right size for a sock project. Actually it's large enough for your project, plus a wallet, cell phone, and keys, which I love!

Next up - Two balls of Soxx Appeal in the Purple Dusk colorway. Every time I go out of town, I buy a souvenir from a yarn or quilt shop. BHE and I recently made a quick, impromptu trip to Wichita and visited Twist. None of my LYSs have Soxx Appeal, as far as I know, so that's what I chose! I've already cast on for a pair of socks!

Finally, one of my LYSs, Stitches, just celebrated their 1st anniversary with a sale! I bought Regia Galaxy in Jupiter Anthracite Coal for BHE, and Regia Nordic Color for me. Although, I really like the Regia Galaxy, and may either claim that yarn as mine, or go buy some more . Edited to add: I went back and bought more.

You know, I don't think vacation yarn and sale yarn count as stress shopping, do you? And you can't really count one skein and a bag from the Loopy Ewe as stress shopping.... I think I'm still in control! We'll see in this weekend - Another LYS, Stitchworks, is having a Super Bowl Sale!


Emma said...

Love the bag--it's adorable.

purplejen said...

Hi Penny (waves from across the Atlantic)! Stress shopping? Nah!!!