Thursday, August 14, 2008

WIP Wednesday

I started this post yesterday, and intended to take photos and post last night, but Sweetpea got sick - so two of the photos were taken in my parking garage this morning, and the last one was already on my camera :D (Oh, and Sweetpea has fully recovered.)

I have a ton of WIPs now! I narrowed it down to five projects to knit for the Ravelympics, which now seems laughable, one of them specifically. I also finished a few WIPs before the Olympics began, and will be posting about those in the coming days.

OK, now for the good stuff! The project that started it all, my Sock Blank Swap Socks from Melanie. I am on the Sock Blank Swappers team, and cast on for these Saturday night. Incidentally, there is talk on this group of a seasonal swap, so join the group if you think you might be interested. Rumor is the next swap may happen in late September / early October.

Next up is a baby cardigan for some friends who are expecting a boy in September. The shower is this Saturday, so I have to finish this really soon. I was initially going to make Rocketry, but dying my own yarn. I could only decide on the three colors - honestly, the baby registry influenced my color choices. My row and stitch gauge are off from the pattern so I'm recalculating as I go, and changing up some of the details as well. I've picked up stitches all the way around for the ribbing and button bands, so you are looking at the back. When the ribbing is complete, I'll go back and knit the sleeves.

The now-laughable project is Marihone - this has been in my queue long before Ravelry even existed. I think I've had the yarn maybe 2 years? Anyway, I also cast on for it Saturday night. I'm knitting it in sort of a 3T size, but the pattern sizing only goes up to 24 months. My cast on was 252 stitches on size 2.0mm needles - US 0. After a few rows of that the rest of the body is knit on size 2.5 mm / US 1/2. Oh, and I added 10 stitches for a steek because it will be a cardigan instead of a pullover.

Besides those, I also pledged to knit another February baby sweater for our new niece. She is nearly 3 months old (yikes! time is flying), and we will be hosting a baby shower at some point if we can ever get our schedule to match up with the new parents. This cardi will be one of her gifts from us. Really it will be more of a meet the baby party - the parents live out of town, and we offered to host a party for all of there friends who still live here.

Finally, I really thought I could possible finish all four of those projects before the Olympics were over, including the 262 stitch fair isle, so I threw in a final project of more socks from another sock blank I dyed.

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Hopelovepeace said...

I'm loving the colors of your baby sweater! They have a very attractive effect in the way you have put them together!