Wednesday, September 03, 2008

WIP Wednesday

A post on my two current projects is long overdue, but even though we still have lots of daylight hours, I can never seem to get the camera out while the light is still decent.

Both of these were supposed to be Ravelympics projects, but overcommitments, an allergy ridden family, and a monster infection in Monkeyboy's right ear sidelined these two projects.

First up are my sock blank swap socks. I love how they are have turned out, and in fact, I'm about to start the ribbing. They remind me of an Impressionist painting. I think I should have enough left over for a pair of socks for Sweetpea.

They aren't really flipped on the needles; I did that for the photo to show the front and back. I'm not following the Two at Once Toe Up socks pattern, I'm just knitting them with the different elements I've picked up from patterns here and there. I did do an Eye of Partridge heel on this pair, which I really like :)

Next is the Marihone cardigan for Sweetpea. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the body, and then I will knit the sleeves. I haven't decided yet what to do with the neckline. Since the pattern was for a pullover for a baby, one shoulder was not seamed but had a placket and buttons. The collar was turned and hemmed. I am making this into a cardigan, to be more suitable to our Oklahoma weather. I prefer collars on my cardigans, but that isn't really done on fair isles as far as I can tell. And if I did a cardigan how would I do it? Ribbed? Garter stitch? I may just turn it under and hem it - maybe with a picot edge?

Opinions are welcome and encouraged :)

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Ilix said...

I love the sock blank! And that seeater is looking so cute!! I have no idea what to do with a fair isle cardigan.... yikes. I can say plain, ribbed... because that is what I think will be good.