Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sweater Weather

Ok, well not exactly, but standing outside my building this morning waiting for a drive-by drop off from a client, the sweater bug bit! When I got back inside my computer showed it was 66 degrees, but it certainly felt cooler than that. We do have a wind tunnel effect outside of my office building, and we've had high winds the last couple of days from Tropical Storm Gustav which ran into a cool front from the north.

Anyway, standing outside in the cold(ish) wind, I wished I had grabbed a sweater this morning. I'm now motivated to sew the buttons on my Wicked Cardigan tonight when I get home - lets see if the motivation holds up through dinner and bedtime for the kiddos!

I'm also trying to reorganize and declutter my sewing / craft room and am thinking about knitting up some of the worsted- and heavier-weight yarns I have stashed for sweaters. The bigger they are, the faster they knit, right? And the faster I knit the bigger stash items, the more space I clear, right? I know I'm a reasonably fast sock knitter, but a skein of sock yarn just doesn't take up that much room. The only problem is, how do I organize and declutter the non-knitting items when I'm busy knitting?

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