Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Yarn Swap Question #7

I know, I know, I just answered one of these yesterday - I'm trying to get caught up, okay?

"What foods do you like to bake this time of year? Are there any that are traditional to you?"

Well, I'm going to answer this as though it's regarding the whole Holiday season, and not just Thanksgiving. Actually, I can answer it both ways. For Thanksgiving, I like to bake some kind of Sweet Potato dish. My mom used to always make Candied Sweet Potatoes, but I haven't been able to find the recipe she used, or one even close. The last few years I've made Sweet Potato Souffle, which is really just mashed sweet potatoes, yummy stuff mixed in, then spread in a baking dish and covered with this brown sugar, butter, walnut mixture.

After Christmas, the real baking begins! I love to bake cookies for the holidays, and fudge, and sometimes I do some candy if I have the energy left. I always make Mexican Wedding Cookies, we had those every year growing up. Then there's got to be some sort of chocolate cookie, maybe some Magic Cookie Bars, chewy oatmeal cookies, oh, and banana bread! One year a long time ago I made gingerbread cookies. I think I'd like to do that again now that the kids are getting old enough to help. Hmm, maybe I should have taken off the week before Christmas instead of the week after.....

Ok, I've got to stop, I'm making myself hungry!

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