Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall Yarn Swap Question #6

I'm way behind on this one....

"What seasonal knitting projects are you looking forward to?"

I don't really know how to answer this one - I don't really knit seasonal projects, like snowmen, etc., if that's what the question is referring to. I do plan to make some appliqued and quilted Christmas stockings for the whole family this year. I'm not really doing any gift knitting this year either, except possibly for a pair or socks or a scarf.

Right now I'm just ready for my CPA test to be over (11 days and counting for the next section), and then I'm looking forward to some quality sleep time, then sleep and knitting in front of the TV, in that order :) Plus I plan to really enjoy the holidays this year. I do enjoy them every year, but I want to try and minimize the stress I put myself under with the decorating and baking and trying to make everything perfect - we'll see how that goes once I start the stockings ;)
Have a great weekend! I'll be hitting the books, until Sunday night when we're going to a Coldplay concert!

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Robin said...

Wow, only 11 more days!! Best of luck on this part!