Friday, December 19, 2008

December 19th?


Where has the time gone, the month, the whole year? I'm swamped everywhere I turn, work, home, etc. At least I'm not studying right now.* We are hosting the in-laws family Christmas party at our house this weekend, which means house cleaning, baking, last minute shopping and wrapping. Also, my company Christmas party is this weekend. Year-end stuff at work, crammed into too few days. I'm planning on taking off from Christmas Eve through New Years, so I'm trying to get it all done ASAP. Client work, new insurance and payroll forms for every type of insurance. Oh, and I have some potential new clients, so there are meetings with them to establish what services they need.

I'm not knitting nearly enough to sooth my stress, plus I have one gift knit barely started, and it will need to be felted. I've decided not to join the RSC next year, I haven't had time to start the last two sock club shipments, and I got into the Wollmeise sock club (I've received two shipments / four skeins, and haven't cast on for those either). I'm aching to spin, and quilt, but can't find the time. Maybe after Christmas, I hope :)

* I found out yesterday I passed the most recent section I sat for, so I have two parts to go! I won't be able to start studying for the next part until February, so I probably won't schedule the test until April.
Edited to add - I guess it's really the 20th now - but at least it's Friday!!!

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