Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I missed making a Christmas post, and do have yarny gifts to show off, but I wanted to get a quick post in to say I am still alive. We just got back from a vacation in Austin Texas, which I loved. I made it to 2 yarn shops and 2 quilt shops. (lots of pictures to come in the next few days).

Now we are off to my Dad's 75th (wow, really?) birthday party. I just finished making his favorite cake, German Chocolate. Gotta go!


Spincerely said...

Happy New Year!

Gracie said...

I spent Christmas in a small town near Austin and made my son & his wife (my accomplice) take me to a bunch of yarn & craft shops Hill Country Weavers & Gauge were my favorites, but some outlying ones (e.g., Bluebonnet) were also interesting (and of course I made some purchases). Looking forward to seeing your post with pictures
Love your EZ sweaters, too. I'm going to have to break down and make one for a little girl & one for myself as a reward.

Trenna said...

Wow you have some great projects here and it sounds like you have a passion for knitting. I was wondering if you want to join a knitting community? Shoot me an email @