Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conversation overheard:

Between Monkeyboy (6 yrs)& Sweetpea (3 yrs), after Sweetpea's first overnight visit to Grandma's new house:

Mommy - S, where did you sleep at Grandma's?
Sweetpea - Well, I slept in my bedroom!
Mommy - Your bedroom? You weren't at home, you were at Grandma's!
S - Well, I slept in my bedroom at Gramma's!
Monkeyboy - You have a bedroom at Gramma's?
S - Well, yes! I have a bed and K's [cousin] bed is next to mine, and your bed is next to the window so you can see when it's wake up time!
M - What window?
S - Well, the window that is by your bed!!
M - Wait. S. What. Exactly. Are-you-talking-about??

They crack me up.

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