Friday, December 07, 2007

FO Report: Dancing Widdershins

Pattern: Widdershins
Yarn: KnitPicks Dancing, color Tap(discontinued)
Needles: KnitPicks US size 1
Started: August, 2007
Finished: December 4, 2007
Modifications: As with my first pair of Widdershins, I knit these with a different gauge yarn than called for in the pattern. I used Wendy's short row toe (my current favorite), and adjusted the number of stitches throughout the pattern. I knit the top of the foot and the leg in a 3 x 1 rib. You can't tell in the picture, but they are fairly short - only about a 4 inch cuff. I really don't care for this yarn, so I didn't want to knit with it any longer than necessary.
In new sock news, last night I cast on for Tech Guy Socks for BHE for Christmas. I'm doing the apple logo, since he is a Mac-ophile. Actually, I'm winging the pattern to match my gauge and to knit them toe up, and I think I will have to resize the apple to be in the right proportion. I'm using KnitPicks Risata in Black and the apple will be in Buttermilk. I'm about 5" up the foot. The sock seems huge so far, but I'm used to knitting socks for my size 9 foot, not for a men's size 11! I'll get pictures this weekend.
Also, Sweetpea, in all of her 2 yo sweetness, wants me to make her some "stocks." She's always trying to pull her socks as high up as possible, so I think I'll knit her some knee highs! How cute will that be!

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TR Ryan said...

Which magazine was the Pioneer Woman photo published? I would love to see the article. I live in OKC and know her godfather. Her husband's family is actually a big name in philanthropy. Apparently there is a push to make her mother of the year in Oklahoma - even by people who don't know the blog.

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