Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FO Report: Trekking 52 socks

Pattern: my own basic toe up sock pattern that I use over and over and over again
Needles: US size 1 1/2, 2.5mm
Started: February 9, 2009
Finished: March 14, 2009
Modifications: How do I modify my own pattern? Seriously? Ok, the only thing I did semi-differently this time was use and Eye of Partridge heel (which I love on these socks!!), and I tried a Kitchener bind off for the cuff. Once it's on and stretched out, it doesn't really look and different or feel any stretchier than any other bind off I've tried. I might like the looks of it better in a solid yarn, or near solid, so I'm not going to rule it out completely. I did use it on the neckline of my Cosima (FO post to follow in a couple of days), and I LOVE it on the Cosima!!!

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