Thursday, June 08, 2006

How many links can I fit in one post?

I think I may have a problem.... As you may have read, I am currently signed up for the Amazing Lace Summer 2006, the current Sew I Knit, the Sexy Knitters Club, and am planning for the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan knit along Laura mentioned in the fall. Well, yesterday I signed up for the Mystery Stole 2006 Melanie is doing. It just sounds like so much fun! I've done mystery quilts before, but never a mystery knitted item. Last night I swatched several different skeins of laceweight yarn I already have to decide on the yarn and needle size. I still haven't decided yet, but am leaning towards the 100% Alpaca. Unfortunately, I don't have enough yardage in the colorway I have, so I am thinking of ordering some that I will dye. If successful, I will put some up in my Etsy shop.

So for all you lace knitters out there (I'm fairly new at this), what size needle do you typically use for your lace knitting? My Lacy Lattice Stole is going fine on size 4s with the mohair, and the swatches I did last night in 100% Merino was fine, but the Alpaca was not. Way. Too. Loose. I'm trying again on several smaller sizes tonight, because I really like the look of the alpaca, and how light and delicate it feels, yet strong at the same time.

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