Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Random Tuesday

My internet is back up after being down since last Thursday night...I never realized how much I'd miss it, especially over the weekend. I'm not quite sure what was wrong, something to do with my wireless router, and the something getting changed when we used the wireless network at the hotel in Dallas a few weeks ago. Apparently, since we got back, I had been logging on via a neighbor's wireless network (don't know which one). My husband is a Mac guy through and through, so I had to wait until the PC guru/brother-in-law could come by to fix it. Took him all of five minutes.

So, did I knit in public last Saturday? No. I intended to knit at Monkeyboy's soccer game, but that got vetoed by the now-crawling Sweetpea, who loves to hunt out foreign objects (the dirtier the better) and put them in her mouth. That would have made for a good picture for the Amazing Lace Challenge #2, though. Actually I think I did knit in the car while TBHE made runs into a couple of stores. Monkeyboy kept wanting to "hold that" for me. We were at Joanns the next day, and he told me he wants some "kni-ing nee-els." I put him off for a while. I think he's too young to learn right now. I told TBHE ever when we got home, and he wasn't against it at all. I told him he can teach Sweetpea how to change tires and check the oil when she's old enough. He said, "Are you kidding? She's going to be doing her own brake jobs!" ha ha :)

I haven't knitted much the last few days, other than a few mindless rows here and there. I've used the internet down-time to get started cleaning my sewing room. That lead to cleaning the rest of the house, and as my various abandoned projects and surplus of magazines and books made their way back to the sewing room, the clutter kept coming back. TBHE and I clean one room each night, top to bottom, and after we're finished, I clean my sewing room, again. Our home was broken into back at the end of March, and was ransacked - devastating to say the least. I then had to search my trashed sewing room, which is also my office, looking for insurance papers, receipts for things that were stolen, anything to show we owned what was taken. It took me a while to get over it emotionally, and I am now reorganizing all the paperwork, and trying to compile a good list of things we own, complete with serial numbers. They didn't take anything that couldn't be replaced, and no one was hurt. The scariest thing they took was my laptop, which had all sorts of personal info on it, SSNs, bank info, etc.
Thankfully, our house is much more secure now, and we hope we never have to go through anything like that again.

I am (slowly) nearing the end of the first sleeve of the Simple Stripes sweater, and I think I have a little over 3 repeats completed of Chart B on LL. I may have to take it to stitch group, but I don't know... I tried that last summer, and it was way to easy to get off track on the chart with all the distractions.

Oh! I did join the Knit Sock Kit Swap yesterday. Sign ups are closed now, but it sounds like fun. Rather than swapping knitted socks, you will put together a kit with sock yarn, a pattern, whatever accessories you think they may need, other goodies if you want, all in an appropiately sized project back you make yourself! Since I am a "bag lady", this was a no-brainer. I will of course include my own hand painted sock yarn, and maybe some of my stitch markers too. I have more of both than I will ever be able to use. I really need to post some more in my Etsy shop....

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