Thursday, June 15, 2006

What is wrong with this picture?

Notice anything unusual about this sleeve? Notice how the striping from bottom up is green, purple, orange, green, purple, orange, green, purple, green... D'oh!

Basically, I had two balls of sock yarn in my stash. I decided I wasn't ever going to use it for socks, so I found the Simple Stripes Sweater pattern on KnitPicks website (for free). By the time I got around to knitting it up, I figured I would have to make the 12 month size for Sweetpea so she can wear it this fall. Problem: That size calls for three balls, so I had to order an additional ball. I compared the new ball closely to the two I already had, and couldn't see any difference, even though they were different dye lots. However, the difference is the yarn is skeined BACKWARDS from the original skeins! I finished the second ball just as I was starting the top purple stripe, so I pulled out the final and newest ball, pulled the yarn from the center until I came to the purple section and started knitting. I got a row and a half into the green before I realize I should be knitting orange.

I quickly frogged back, consulted the first sleeve, pulled out an appropriate amount of yarn and started again from the other end. All pieces are now blocking. I am determined to finish this before we hit the road Saturday!

I started swatching yarn for my Tempting II sweater. The pattern calls for 20 st x 28 rows to 4 ", and I have 20 st x 26 rows. Since the yarn I'm using (TLC Cotton Plus) is half cotton, I will wash it before I officially start.

Gotta go, it's Midnight, and I need my beauty rest!

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