Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Amazing Lace Challenge 3

My most profound apologies to Mr. Poe...

The Knitting

Once upon a midnight steamy, while I pondered tired and dreamy,
Over many a chart, stitch and yarn o'er.
While I counted, nearly cross-eyed, suddenly there came a creaking,
As if someone gently sneaking, sneaking down the upper stairs.
"'Tis too late, much too late to be someone coming down the upper stairs,
My imagination and nothing more."

As I counted tiny stitches, quietly the stairs kept creaking,
Tiny footsteps, softly sneaking, big blue eyes, quietly peeking,
Peeking 'round the hallway door.
'Twas a boy, my little boy, and no other.
"Mommy, what are you doing," he whispered,
As he tiptoed 'cross the hardwood floor.

"Knitting," I replied, to this little boy of four.
He watched me count the loops once more.
Then he answered. "I want some knitting."
Oh these words, they made my heart sing,
'Til I knew, he wanted special knitting,
He wanted to knit my lace mohair.

Dropping, tinking, frogging all three
Flashed before my eyes suddenly.
As the room stopped flipping, spinning
I promised the boy some knitting
We'd find some worsted and size eights,
But not that night, 'twas much too late!


Leah said...

This is just great! Just love the bit of humor!

Well done!

The Purloined Letter said...


RandomRanter said...

Ah - the double edged sword of them wanting to be like you! But wonderfully told!