Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yarny goodness!

I received a wonderful package today from my SP9 Secret Pal! She spoiled me rotten! Each item was individually wrapped, and I couldn't believe how much great stuff she sent: I got a fun little pen with a bouncy ladybug on top, a set of size 3 Addi bamboo dpns (I didn't have that size), a skein of Trekking XXL in tourquoises and whites, 2 hanks of Koigu in vibrant fuschias and purples, and sock patterns! One is a leaflet, Koigu Fun Socks, and the other is a book, Koigu Fun Socks II, and it has six sock patterns in it! I haven't seen either of these in any of my LYS, and can't wait to get started! The dpns are exactly the length I prefer, 6", and I absolutely love the yarn :)

Thank you Secret Pal - you're the best!


Polly said...

WOW what a great haul!

Laura said...

Wow! Awesome package!

Congratulations on making it into the Knitting Blogring too. It's a long wait! :)

Isabelle said...

It seems like you have a wonderful Secret Pal! Lucky you! :-)