Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm committing myself to getting back into the blogging habit. My hangup is I don't like to blog without pictures, and usually by the time I'm able to take pictures, its dark outside. Plus, BHE and I share the digital camera, and it's never where I remember seeing it last, LOL. However, pictures are not a requirement, right? So, here I am, telling, but not showing.

So the Peace Fleece cardi has not been blocked yet, but I'm hoping to tonight. This is the first night all week we will be home, and be without company. The Sailor Collar Cardi is coming along very slowly. I think I'm 24 rows into the back. The problem is there are 3 different stitch patterns to follow, not charted, and between each of there patterns there are seed stitch and cable sections. I ended up retyping the pattern to make it easier to read, as the stitch patterns were on two different pages of the instructions, and it made it too hard to follow. Also, one of the stitch patterns has a different number of rows in one repeat than the other two do. I don't have any charting software, or I would chart the patterns. Does anyone know of any free tools on the Internet to do this, or instructions on how to do it in Word or Excel?

I've worked some on the Jaywalker. Sweetpea pulled the circular needle out of half of the stitches and lost the marker for the beginning of the round in the process, so I tinked back a couple of rounds to restart and make sure I wasn't missing any increases or decreases. That's about it for now - oh, we are going on a road trip next week, and I don't think the Sailor Collar Cardi will be car friendly, so I'm considering my options. Obviously I'll take the Jaywalkers, but I'm also thinking about casting on for Something Red. I may try swatching this weekend...

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