Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Yarn Swap Question #1

I think I mentioned already I joined the Falling for Ewe Fall Yarn Swap on Ravelry - I've been buying stuff for my downstream pal, but one of the items I wanted to send with her first package is back ordered, grrrrrr! I have until the end of September to send the first package, but I was hoping to send it before then.

Anyway, the question of the week for this week is "what is your favorite thing about autumn?"

I love the colors of the changing trees, but we don't typically get too much of that in Oklahoma. Usually our summers are so hot and dry, the leaves die and fall off the trees before our first cold snap. So, I have two alternate favorites:

The feel of Fall in the air - the crisp snap when I walk out my door first thing in the morning, the feeling that it's "sweater weather"...

The smell of the State Fair - all the deep fried foods you could imagine, mingled together with cotton candy, the hay from the animal barns (not the barnyard smells though), that same crispness in the air, and the lights and sounds from the midway.

What's you're favorite thing about Autumn?

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Minnie~Knits said...

What a great question!
My favorite things about autumn: Making the morning switchover from homemade iced frappachino to hot cappachino.

I love that time where you don't have to pay for heat OR air conditioning. Free climate control, as it were.

Being super lazy, I welcome the problem of having less daylight with which to do outdoor chores. "Oops, it's dark already?!? Heavy sigh, no yard work for me!!!"

Autumn is cozy!